We take very seriously the personal relationship that exists between the the tutors and their students. Neither our office nor our tutors share any information about the students with anyone outside the company. The only people who have access to your personal information are the director and the tutor who needs the information to provide tutoring services.

Changing your appointment

“Change” includes cancellation, postponement, re-scheduling, starting late, ending early or changing the location.

  • No charge if you give us 24 hours notice — by email to our office to assure a timestamp. We require notice by email.
  • Changes with less than 24 hours notice
    • In the event of hazardous driving conditions, either the tutor or the student may cancel with less than 24 hours notice without charge.
    • Cancellation with less than 2 hours notice for any reason other than hazardous driving conditions will be charged in full for the originally scheduled time.
    • If you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice, but more than 2 hours notice, the charge will be $80.
  • If your tutor cancels a session with less than 24 hours but more than 2 hours notice, for any reason, including emergency, but excluding hazardous driving conditions, you will receive one “cancellation credit,” meaning:  if you cancel one subsequent session with less than 24 hours notice but more than 2 hours notice, there will be no charge.

Minimum sessions per month

We will charge $80 for each canceled (or changed) session that exceeds one third the number of scheduled sessions with a particular tutor in a calendar month.   For example,

  • If you reschedule a session to a mutually convenient slot with the same tutor that same week, then we will not consider that to be a cancellation.
  • if 9 sessions are scheduled in a given calendar month and 5 are canceled (or changed), we will charge $80 each for the fourth and fifth cancellation.
  • If 4 sessions are scheduled in a given calendar month and 3 are canceled (or changed), we will charge $80 each for the second and third cancellation.

The only exception we will make to this policy is for cancellations of sessions that fall during school-scheduled vacation breaks of three days or more.

Additional notes

  • Changing your first session – If you need to cancel, reschedule, or change the length of your first session, please call our office -- 781-652-9649. The requirement for 24 hours notice applies.
  • Student arriving late or leaving early – Please call our office if you will be late. If your call is not answered live, please call your tutor directly. The time missed will be counted as part of the session. Your tutor will normally wait no longer than 20 minutes for late clients. The scheduled tutoring time will not be adjusted for clients who arrive late. If, for example, a client arrives 10 minutes late for a 90 minute session beginning at 4:00 PM, the session will conclude as planned at 5:30, and the charge will be for the full 90 minutes.
  • Tutor arriving late – Keeping in mind that your tutor will typically be coming to you through commuter traffic, if your tutor is late for a scheduled session,
    • EITHER you and the tutor will agree to extend the session time by the amount of time the tutor is late
    • OR we will simply charge for the actual duration of the session.
  • Snow days -- In the event of snow, even if the schools are closed, your tutor will typically assume that your appointment still stands. Our office will phone you if your appointment must be rescheduled due to extreme weather conditions. Please call our office -- 781-652-9649 -- if you have any questions about a snow day situation.

Background for our cancellation policy

The policy serves several purposes:

    Respect. This policy ensures that cancellations (or changes) are not done casually, which is the simplest and most fundamental expression of mutual respect between tutors and clients.

    Retaining talent. Last-minute cancellations (or changes) and frequent cancellation (or changes) would make it impossible for the client to retain a high caliber tutor.

    Predictability. Low cancellation rates ensure a manageable work week and meaningful income stream for the tutor. Logistically, cancellations (or changes) often create an inconvenient and awkward gap as the tutor goes from one client’s location to the next.

    “No exceptions” avoids putting anyone in the situation of having to decide if the reason for a last-minute change is “good enough” or, for that matter, true.

Do you charge for travel time?

No, if your location is within 5 miles of the center of Lexington. Otherwise, a travel surcharge will be negotiated based on the tutor's distance and traffic conditions as estimated by Google Maps.

When are payments due and to whom should they be made?

You will receive a weekly invoice by emailed PDF.

We require payment using your bank's online transfer or online bill pay. If you are unable to use either method, or unsure how, please phone us to discuss.

Please review our terms and conditions:

  • You certify that you are at least 21 years old, are fully competent, and are the legal guardian of the student(s) for whom the tutoring services are intended.
  • You agree to provide a non-smoking environment conducive to tutoring (i.e.: free of distractions, unnecessary noise and interruptions, etc.)
  • If your tutor is coming to your home, a parent/guardian (or adult over 21 years of age) must be present in your home for the duration of each session. There are no exceptions to this. If your tutor arrives and a parent/guardian 21 years of age or older is not present in the home, the tutor will not provide tutoring services. If you need to leave before a session is over, unless you are leaving another adult over age 21 in charge, your tutor will need to end the session when you leave.
  • Lexington Tutoring Inc. is not liable for any damage (real or imagined), which occurs to a person or property as a result or as a perceived result of tutoring sessions provided by our tutors.
  • Our tutors are dedicated to the success of your student and firmly believe that they can make a difference. That said, neither Lexington Tutoring Inc. nor any individual tutor can be held accountable or responsible for the academic success of the student/client.

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