Often, students who think they are studying are not taking in what they are seeing in their textbooks and worksheets. When students team with their tutors to create our learning games, they learn to reframe their assigned work as questions and answers and to anticipate their teachers’ questions and answers. If you would like to explore this option, your tutor will work with your middle or high school student to create online flashcards and computer games for the material covered during homework sessions.

In between sessions, your tutor may ask the student to email to him/her notes on the homework, which we will also convert to flashcards and computer games--very handy for midyear or final exam prep and in subjects where a large quantity of information must be memorized, such as biology.

By participating in this process, students will hopefully strengthen their ability to perceive and integrate the main ideas in their reading and often make substantial gains in their time-management and organizational skills. Eventually, we hope that our students will add this kind of focused note-taking to their learning strategies.


From this page one can access games designed for a wide assortment of novels, plays and poems studied by the Massachusetts middle and high school students who have worked with us since Lexington Tutoring’s inception in 2003. The material comes from the hundreds of tests prepared by Nora, the director of Lexington Tutoring, during her former career as a high school English teacher and study guides provided by teachers of the students for whom these games were originally designed. They are intended to bring to the person who plays them a deeper knowledge of the characters, themes, events and locations therein.

We suggest that you and your son or daughter work through a few of these games for a play, novel or story your son or daughter has already read in order to see how useful these can be in test prep and review and in order to investigate the possibility of having us customize a game for him/her.

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