Academic support combined with ESL

What sets your ESL offerings apart from other programs?

We offer a combination of academic support and ESL work for K-12 and college students who do not have English as their native language. Our tutors incorporate instruction in a wide range of academic subjects into their work with these students.

Do I need to prepare for a tutoring session?

You will get the most out of a tutoring session if you review what has been covered after each session and make a good faith effort to practice new concepts.

What support do you offer in addition to face-to-face sessions?

Between sessions, we are happy to provide support, direction and feedback via telephone and email if you so request. We also prepare customized flashcards and web games based on the content of your session and offer pre-tests and homework suggestions as the need arises. These optional support services are pro-rated at $50 per hour and itemized on your invoice.

How do your online ESL learning games work?

If you so choose, we can create online learning games covering appropriate sections of your material and invoice this work at our rate for support services. The games that we have created for previous students are offerered free of charge here.

What distance learning opportunities do you provide?

We offer Standard ESL by telephone, Skype video conference and email to students for a variety of special circumstances.

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